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£10 funds a support session
£500 funds a volunteer for a year

Club 1000


The Road Victims Trust is dedicated to supporting people who have been affected by the grief and trauma of a road death. Every referral we receive is for us a tragedy unfolding, of lives and families changed forever, but also represents a chance for us to offer our service that will make a difference to those affected. To be able to give the full support needed it costs on average £1000 per person. On average the trust can support up to 250 people a year over the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire counties which means we need to raise at least £250,000 a year. 

You can make a significant difference to a person or family by joining our CLUB 1000.  The Club is open to companies (small and large) and individuals who pledge to raise £1000 within a one year period, the cost of supporting one person.

Once you have joined CLUB 1000 you will receive a membership certificate and a fundraising pack, plus invitations to join the many events we hold over the year.  We will also promote your success on our website, social media platforms and newsletters.  You will also receive our quarterly newsletter letting you know what’s happening at the trust.

The following sets out the commitment we make to those we support:

  • The Service is free and confidential
  • We offer our support to victims within 48 hours of receipt of a full referral.
  • Emotional and practical support will only be given by a professional Coordinator or trained Counselling Volunteer.
  • The service can be provided at the client’s home, in our office or by telephone
  • We offer emotional and practical support for as long as it is useful to them.
  • Support includes, accompanied pre-hearing visits to, and support at hearings in, Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court or Coroners’ Court.
  • Support will include the offer of limited free legal support / advocacy provided by lawyers with appropriate professional qualifications

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