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To text a £10 donation: 70 070 RVTR16£10 (amounts of 1,2,3,4,5 and 10 pounds can be texted)
£10 funds a support session
£500 funds a volunteer for a year

Become a Corporate Supporter

Companies can make an annual donation to the Road Victims Trust to become a much-valued corporate partner or they can sponsor resources and events.

Each year on average 102 people are killed on the roads in across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. Violent, unexpected death is something which, instinctively, most people tend to choose to distance themselves from. It is an issue that is too dreadful to deal with, or think about, so the reaction of most of us is to believe that it could never happen to someone we love – so we don’t need to consider it. 
Unfortunately it can happen to almost anyone and at the Road Victims Trust we have to consider it. We support individuals and families bereaved by death on the road when they are still in the very earliest stages of grief. Many of these families are overwhelmed with shock, disbelief, devastation and confusion.  We also support the witnesses of these traumatic collisions.

Our sponsors support us in a number of ways. Some make grants, others donate products or services and some give staff time – all assistance is gratefully received and allows us to support people in need.

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