How will I know about the inquest and the post-mortem?

You will receive a call from a Coroner’s Officer.  The Coroner’s Officer works with the Coroner organising the inquests, liaising with the police and funeral director and contacting families and witnesses.  The Coroner is a lawyer responsible for holding an inquiry into sudden deaths in particular situations and does so by holding an inquest, a legal inquiry into the causes and circumstances of the death.

The Coroner is involved in all cases of sudden death not just road collision deaths.  Following a road collision the Coroner will open an inquest to record the death and identify the deceased but the inquest is then adjourned until the police investigation and their own enquiries are completed.

The inquest is held to establish the causes and circumstances of a road death (who died, when, where and how).  It is not about determining blame. Criminal or civil courts are where liability for the collision is decided.

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