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The national figures (Dept of Transport) show that  61 of 1754 (3.5%) of road deaths in the UK in 2012 were children under 15 years of age. This is a 52% reduction on the 2005 – 9 average. Choosing to support the Road Victims Trust would help us raise awareness where it is needed most.

You can request our fundraising guide here, which is packed full of ideas to get you motivated. We will email you a copy within two working days as we know how keen you are to get started! You also call our office if you want to chat over your ideas on 01234 843345.

Make sure you have a member of staff on board to help support your fundraising, to get as many students involved as possible. We may even be able to visit your school or college to give a talk about our work, which will really endorse your fundraising.

We’ve got materials such as sponsorship forms, stickers, posters and banners available to help promote and spread the word about your fundraising, so order your guide today!

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Friends can sponsor you online, on Facebook, on their mobile and, if you’re in the UK, by text message.
It couldn’t be easier:  
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  • Raise money for the Road Victims Trust
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