Garry Holmes

Garry Holmes
On the 14th May 2015 I was cruelly robbed of my husband Garry, Daddy to our 21-month old daughter. On the night he was taken from us he wasn’t even supposed to be out. He was helping a friend at the last minute by collecting a bouncy castle for a charity event to be held that weekend.
He was due home about 9pm and although he hadn’t arrived by then or called me, I didn’t worry as I knew he was with his friend, I presumed they had been held up. I went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. At about 10pm, I heard a banging on our front door and the doorbell ringing. I just presumed he had forgotten his key and was trying to wake me. I went downstairs and opened the door to two Police Officers.
I knew immediately. I just remember saying ‘no’ over and over again whilst the Police Officer was telling me ‘I’m so sorry Mrs Holmes but Garry has been killed in a road traffic collision’. The rest is a blur. I just remember the physical pain, the shock, the numbness, the complete and utter despair.
We didn’t know much about the accident then and will still don’t know now. There were two men in each van that collided, Garry took the full impact and was killed instantly. The only fact we know is that the other driver was fully at fault and on the wrong side of the road for 15 seconds. He has never admitted to why this was. He had not been drinking. He had not had a medical emergency of any kind. The driver was charged with Death by Dangerous Driving, it took two years to go to court and the driver was sentenced to 3 years in prison, of which he has served half.
Whilst all of this was going on I still had to be a parent. I had to get out of bed every day and that was becoming very hard. I was introduced to The Road Victims Trust through Brake, a national charity. I knew that I had to create a new life for my daughter but I had no idea how to even begin that process. My counsellor came to my house every week without fail. We talked. I cried. I said all the things to him that I couldn’t say to my friends and family and slowly, week by week I could see that there could be a new chapter, some light in our future. The old chapter is safely tucked in my heart and I can re-visit it any time I want to, but this new chapter is for my daughter and I, and with the help from the Road Victims Trust I know it will be a beautiful one.
To have been personally supported by the Road Victims Trust, was a lifeline. I believe wholeheartedly if it was not for the charity, my daughter would have lost both her parents. I am humbled to be asked to be an Ambassador and it is my pleasure to be able to support them and continue to raise awareness so there can be hope for others too.