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Giving Hope to Rebuild Lives

Each year the Road Victims Trust supports over 250 people across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. Read below some of the experiences of people we have supported……..

The Wellbelove Family
When Archie was killed, so many people used the term “lovable rogue”, as, as well as being bright, he was very cheeky and naughty and one never knew what high jinks he was going to be up to next.
When we got the fateful knock at the door, Archie had just started his first term at Warwick University, having just turned 18. It sounds like a cliché, but he really did have a bright future ahead of him, which was snatched away in an instant. Read more.....
The Chapman Family
In an interview with a local paper several years ago Ray and Janet Chapman talked about the aftermath following the death of their 14 year old son Jake in 2009. Ray described how the death had ‘turned our lives upside down’ and ‘in the early days, I was in a state of shock’. He said that ‘you put barriers up to protect yourself, your family and close friends. The trouble is if you don’t let those barriers down, you become like a pressure cooker. Sooner or later something will blow, what the Trust counsellor does is like a release valve’. Read more.....
Lady Susan Acland
Lady Susan Acland, 65, from Cambridgeshire, tells how the Road Victims Trust helped her cope with trauma and bereavement. Two weeks after John’s death Sue received a letter from the Road Victims Trust, who had been given Sue’s details by the police. She immediately rang them up and arranged to receive over-the-phone support from a specially trained counselling volunteer.
“In those first months I used to look forward to that one-hour phone call each week andit was the only thing that kept me going. They understood what I was going through and were the only people I could talk to about the things that were really bothering me. Read more.....
Kate Goldsmith
The Road Victims Trust has supported me since August 2016 when the two vehicles in which my children were travelling, were involved in a crash with a lorry. My 11yr old daughter Aimee was killed instantly along with her friends Josh, Ethan and their mother Tracy. My 13yr old son Jake miraculously survived but was left traumatised by the crash and deaths of Aimee and his best friend. Writing this one year on, I can see clearly now the difficult journey both Jake and I have travelled and how we have reached a “new normal” family life. Frankly, I do not see how it could have been possible without the strength of support around us holding our hands every step of the way.
Read more.....
The Huckle Family
Wednesday 16 July 2014 began as any other day for the Huckle family. Alan, Denise and their two daughters, Tanya and Kayleigh, each left for work in the morning as usual with their customary goodbyes. That was the last time they’d all be together as a family. Later that day, Alan was killed in a road traffic accident. Tanya, their elder daughter, explains what happened.
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