Personal Support

The Trust works in partnership with the Police, Coroner and Crown Prosecution Service across the three counties. All these agencies are involved following a road death.

We know that you may be at the start of a very difficult journey, a journey with no map. We are familiar with the shock, the disbelief, the pain, the anger, the horror, the loneliness and the devastation you are suffering. We can support and guide you through your grief, and enable you to make the practical decisions facing you in the coming weeks and months.

Grief is an essential process, but we know that grief caused by a violent, unexpected death which affects everyone differently and is different to other bereavements.

Our support can take a number of forms; information provision, emotional support . The services we provide are:

  • free and confidential
  • offered to individuals and families
  • provided for as long as it is useful at home, in our office or by telephone